Discover How to wager on Craps – tricks and tactics: Take an Open Spot

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You see a craps table with a few open spots. Which location should you take? That is a matter of individual preference. Is there a gorgeous guy or lady betting by themselves at one end of the craps table? Which gamblers are smoking? Which look bored? Which appear drunk or atrocious? Pick a spot where you’ll feel the most comfortable.

I like participating on the end, immediately next to the dealer. On the end, I don’t need to be concerned about individuals on either side of me. I do not like betting next to the stickman as I constantly seem to get in the way of them trying to get the dice or moving the stick.

After competing for a while, you’ll get a feel for your preferred spot. You don’t have a pick when it is bursting. If you end up in an awful spot (e.g., an appalling guy is near you), simply shift to a different open location. If the craps table is filled, hang out until someone leaves and take their position. Be aware of a gambler "coloring up," which is an indication that she is leaving, and inform the croupier that you wish to take over her seat. The croupier will then reserve that spot and not permit a new individual to quickly take the spot. The croupier will gently request the new candidate to move to the spot that you vacate. Clearly, when you change locations, don’t forget to take your chips.

People next to you can affect your mood and complete wagering experience. They can cause it to be exciting or miserable. You might get trapped next to a smoking fat guy with awful body odor, or it could be a bunch of drunk hotties busting out of their halter tops. So, choose your spot wisely.

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