Learn to Gamble on Craps – Hints and Tactics

If the pay out for a Do not Pass Odds wager is the same as the amount of the Flat bet, then the Odds wager is bridged. The section of your Odds bet that’s equal to the Flat bet is positioned right beside to the Flat wager. Then, the rest of the Odds bet is laid on top "bridging" them. As an example, let’s say you place a five dollar Don’t Pass wager and the shooter tosses a point of eight. Understanding the true odds for the eight are six to five (i.e., 6 ways to roll a 7, and five ways to roll an 8), you then lay six dollars in Odds with the hope of winning $5. In this instance, if you win the 6 dollars Odds wager, you earn 5 dollars, which absolutely equals the amt. you win with your five dollar Flat wager. Therefore, since your Flat wager and Odds wager aquire the same amount (5 dollars each), you bridge your $6 Odds bet by making a five dollar chip literally beside to your 5 dollar Flat wager, and then laying the one dollar chip so it bridges the two 5 dollar chips.

If the payout for a Don’t Pass Odds bet does not equal the amt. of the Flat bet, then the Odds bet is heeled. This basically means you place the bottom chip of your Odds bet chip stack exactly next to your Flat wager. Then, place all remaining Odds wager chips on top of that individual chip but to the side and angled on that bottom chip (your Odds bet chip stack is tilted due to the fact that it’s leaning on the bottom chip).

Befuddled? That is ok, don’t get alarmed. The dealer is always willing to help if you forget. After a couple of instances, it all makes sense. It won’t take too long before you are a master. If you are not sure what to do the first time you try it, simply say to the dealer, "I want to lay some Odds but I do not know if it should be bridged or heeled." The dealer asks, "How much do you wish to put?" Let us say you indicate, "15 dollars to win ten." The croupier will request that you drop your chips on the table (dealers are not allowed to collect anything, notably chips, directly from a player), and then he properly heels or bridges them based on the amount of your Flat wager. You will quickly get the feel of it. Just don’t be scared to ask the croupier questions. Her job is not only to deal, but also to be accommodating and help the players.

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