The Tricks of Controlled Wagering

Over time, an expert shooter develops what is known as a personal toss. The simplest way to establish this is to observe what the shooter is betting on. He will probably make a pass line bet and then also purchase a few numbers, like maybe the four and 10. He has to place a pass line wager to throw, but the 4 and ten buy bet is somewhat bizarre, so he/she may have a signature. It would be best if you accepted his lead and bet in the same manner he/she does.

Obviously though, he/she will toss a seven sooner or later and you can’t leave all of your money up forever, so you have to have a good regression strategy. The easiest one to employ is to start out at your highest wager, and purchase the same 2 numbers the player does. Then, just pull down the numbers by 1 unit following every success until you’re at the minimum.

Now let us say the 4 hits and you acquire one hundred and sixteen dollars. Keep the $58 on the 10 and regress the four to $38, and request if you can buy it for $38 and just pay $1 vigorish (five per cent of $38 is a buck ninety). If the four hits once more, you capture $76. Keep it at $38 – you can’t pay less than a $1 vig on a buy wager and if they keep on letting you buy the four (and ten) for $38 and just pay $1, then continue on gambling.

Soon, if the 10 starts hitting you will have both the four and ten regressed down to $38. Keep both wagers on the table except of course if the player pulls his wagers down, or something unusual happens to ruin the shooter’s alertness. By regressing your purchase bets you’ll constantly have something on the carps table during a smokin roll, and after the initial win, it is plain profit

If you’re an accomplished player yourself, bring your spouse or buddy along, and the casino will allow her to take care of your wagers while you are focusing attention on throwing.

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